Submission Guidelines

Range of contributions (study, review article) :

  • Review article 15–45 pages = 1,800 characters (symbols and spaces), which corresponds to thirty lines of sixty characters or approximately 250 words of plain text without a bibliography and abstracts
  • submission of larger studies requires consultation with the editor-in-chief in advance, their publication is possible only on the basis of the editorial board’s recommendation.
  • please enclose an abstract of 15–30 lines and 3-5 keywords together with your article
  • the scope of papers which do not go through the review process is max. 10 NS (18,000 characters with spaces); submission of more extensive studies requires prior consultation with the editor-in-chief; their publication is possible only based on an explicit recommendation of the editorial board

Authors identification:

  • the paper’s introduction contains the names of all authors without academic titles and contact details;
  • the end of the article mentions the names of all authors, including the academic titles, employers and contact e-mail addresses;

Funding source and contribution continuity:

  • the contribution’s first footnote indicates the financial support source;
  • if the contribution was created by dealing with a grant or project task of science and research, the research project identification will be mentioned in the first footnote;

Contribution originality:

  • The work must be original, plagiarism (copying other author’s work) or self-plagiarism (duplicating own work) is not allowed;
  • the work has not been published elsewhere in any language;
  • The work is not the subject of multiple submissions (will not be assessed at the same time by two editorial boards);
  • Translations or excerpts of previously published texts can be in exceptional cases published within the non-peer-reviewed journal section – these cases are clearly marked in the introductory annotation of the contribution.