Tomáš Řepa - Banderovci v Československu 1945–1947. Vybrané politické a vojenské aspekty

This work focuses on phenomena “Banderovci” (OUN – Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and UPA – Ukrainian Rebellious Army) in Czechoslovakia 1945–1947. Their real threat to the Czechoslovak state has long been overestimated and propagandistically abused by the Communists in a fight with other political subjects in Czechoslovakia already before February 1948. In the countries where “Banderovci” acted, their activity is still perceived controversially and tendentiously. Under the influence of what regime was ultimately gained and how this issue was handled. The originally unambiguous conflict, outgoing from the problematic coexistence of some Eastern European nations, has been abused to create a fake legend and a purposeful campaign. With more than 70 years of optics, the topic of “Banderovci” is in many cases viewed so far, and it is probably the question of a future where the issue will be deprived of distorting clichés.